Udyam Registration
Swachh Bharat

How to check Udyog Aadhar or Udyam Registration validity? Do you need to renew Udyam Registration?

You have applied for Udyam registration and have received your Udyam registration certificate. But what if you want to check its validity? You can do this by logging into your account on the official website of the corporation, www.udyam.gov.in

To check the validity of Udyam registration, you need to visit https://udyamregistration.gov.in/ and log into your account by entering your 12-digit unique Udyam registration number as well as OTP received on your registered mobile number. Once logged in, click on the "login" button and enter either "Username" or "Password" depending upon whether you have an online account with UIDAI or not; if yes then click on either one of them while entering the required details like name, email address etc., which will open up a new window where all these are filled out automatically based on what has been entered earlier through this process (which may take some time). The next step here is choosing from three options available at present--"Verify", "Check Application Status", or "Download Certificate". In case there is any error appearing during verification process then select option 3 so as not to get stuck in any other situation later down stream because once selected then no further changes can be made without clearing all those errors first before proceeding further towards completion stage itself!

If you are able to download your Udyam Registration Certificate without any difficulty then your registration is valid. If you are not able to do so please feel free to contact us.

Do you need to renew Udyam Registration?

The Udyam registration is mandatory for all business entities starting from 1st July 2020. It is highly recommended to renew your Udyam registration before the final date. At the moment there is no need to renew Udyam Registration but as Udyog Aadhar stands expired w.e.f. 30 June 2022, any entity having Udyog Aadhar must migrate to Udyam Registration. Currently there is no expiry for Udyam Registration and the same needs to be obtained only once against every PAN.

We here at Udyam want our customers to be informed about the latest updates in all matters related to Udyam registration. We are here for you and we will be working hard on keeping our promise of providing excellent customer service.