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CHAMPIONS! What is CHAMPIONS and Why the Ministry of MSME wants your business to be a CHAMPION?

The Ministry of MSME, through various its programmes has been trying to facilitate and push the strength of MSMEs in India. The ministry believes our nations strength is not in how much foreign companies invest in us, but how much our own businesses grow to become International players. For any country's economic growth it is vital to understand how its businesses are growing and what support can be provided to them to grow even stronger at a rapid rate. These strong businesses will attract foreign investment as well as foreign clients eventually and also play a key part in reducing the dependability of the domestic customer on foreign businesses. After all, if the Indian rupee stays in the country it is only the country that will benefit eventually.

To facilitate this cause the ministry of MSME has come up with a new initiative called as CHAMPIONS. The full form reads as follows:

Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing the Output and National Strength

The ministry has felt is necessary to promote and facilitate a unified, empowered, bundled, robust and technology driven platform for helping the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises of the nation. For this very own purpose the new system of CHAMPIONS has been introduced. The main purpose of this new system is to help the smaller units become big by helping them in any way possible mainly to resolve their problems and grievances.

CHAMPIONS comes with three major objectives:

  • To become of assistance to the MSMEs in this difficult situation with regards to finance, raw materials, permissions, labour shortages, etc.

  • To help MSMEs capture new opportunities in manufacturing & services sectors.

  • To identify the MSMEs which really have a spark in them and are going that extra mile in these difficult times. These sparks can become National & International Champions if assisted in the right way.

In order to achieve its objectives the ministry of MSME has launched a dedicated web portal having its address as www.champions.gov.in

All MSMEs need to obtain their Udyam Registration before they can avail any services enlisted on this CHAMPIONS portal. MSMEs can avail range of assistance from the Ministry through this portal. MSMEs can submit their grievance, make complaints regarding delayed payments, submit their ideas, view status of their existing requests, view current existing schemes for them, apply for Covid-19 reliefs and avail many more benefits which can help them in becoming a CHAMPION MSME.

Staying up-to-date with the Ministry's effort will only result in gains for any business in India. Ignoring them will not make the business loose anything but will keep them away from a lot of benefits their own competitors might be enjoying for themselves. Why stay away from free ESOPs from the Government when you can avail them at the tip of your fingers through the CHAMPIONS portal. Don't wait and get started by getting your Udyam Registration and register your MSME on the CHAMPIONS portal as soon as possible.