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ZED Portal launched for MSMEs

On India's 68th Independence Day, the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi urged the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of the nation to aim for Zero Defects in the products and Zero Effects on the environment while manufacturing goods. The Prime Minister's vision to make India a Global manufacturing hub has driven major policy changes in order to promote the MSMEs of the nation towards achieving this vision. It is a fact that in the International market factors such as cost acceptability, technology, service deliverability, innovation, lean manufacturing and six sigma quality achieved products play an important role. To facilitate this the Prime Minister has envisioned the Zero Defect and Zero Effect (ZED) mission.

The government has aimed at making India a manufacturing hub by launching Make in India & Zero Defect Zero Effect Campaigns. In order to achieve this the government considers three major factors:

1) Easy of Doing Business

2) Quality Source Material, Services & Components

3) Human Resource Competence

The DPIIT has taken charge of facilitating Ease of Doing Business and whereas the Ministry of MSME along with Quality Council of India have taken up responsibilities to engage the MSME sector in improving their quality and competitiveness in manufacturing.

Keeping this in mind ZED was launched with an ecosystem around itself to make aware, counsel and assess MSMEs in achieving Zero Defect Zero Effect efficiencies.

The Ministry in its system to implement ZED has implemented the ZED Certification in order to create awareness amongst the MSMEs regarding the need and benefits of achieving Zero Defect Zero Effect practices. When MSMEs choose to embark on the journey towards ZED they can reduce waste, increase productivity, conserve the environment, save energy and expand their market to name a few. The implementation of ZED Certification has been planned in 2 phases.

  • Phase 1:

    For all MSMEs registered as Manufacturing Enterprises under Udyam Registration / Udyog Aadhar / MSME Registration. Under this phase, all enterprises registered as Udyami will be able to apply for ZED Certification and get their MSMEs assessed under the ZED framework. This phase aims as focusing on all manufacturing MSMEs.

  • Phase 2:

    Inclusion of the Service Sector of MSMEs under the ZED Certification program. Under this phase will also focus on MSMEs who are registered under the State Government Systems and have not already obtained their Udyam Registration or are not qualified as Udyam.

Phase 2 also brings with itself the opportunity for all ZED Certified MSMEs to avail funding for obtaining International Certifications as required to enter International Markets.

It is therefore advised for all MSMEs to obtain their Udyam Registration as soon as possible and be a part of the ZED system as soon as possible.

The MSMEs can avail more information about Zero Defects Zero Effects (ZED) Scheme on the newly launched portal: https://zed.msme.gov.in/